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Meeting Materials : 56 - BOT July 2019 Retreat_Meeting Materials
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01 2019 BOT Retreat Agenda.pdf
02 University Overview.pdf
03 BOT Roles and Responsibilities.pdf
04 Open Meetings and Public Records.pdf
05 Meetings and Communications.pdf
06a SACS Reaffirmation.pdf
06b 2019-2020 Strategic Priorities.pdf
06c Enrollment Update.pdf
07a Budget Update.pdf
07b Masterplan Update.pdf
08 University Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management.pdf
09 Roles and Responsibilities for Athletics.pdf
10 Strategic Hiring.pdf
11 IT Strategy and Investments.pdf
12 Campaign Update.pdf
13 P2023 Strategic Focus.pdf
Action Item-Centers of Excellence.pdf
Action Item-Policy on Faculty and EHRA Non Faculty Hearings.pdf
Action Item-Policy on Student Athlete Missed Class.pdf
Action Item-Resolution of the BOT Regarding Alcohol Sales at Athletic Facilities.pdf