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57 - BOT September 2019 Meeting Committee and Full Board Meeting Materials : 04 - Business Affairs Committee (BAC)
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01 BOT September 2019 BAC Agenda REVISED.pdf
02 BOT September 2019 BAC Minutes April 2019.pdf
03 BOT September  2019 BAC Facilities Update.pdf
04 BOT September 2019 BAC Information Technology Plan Update.pdf
05 BOT September 2019 BAC Campus Enterprises Overview.pdf
06 BOT September 2019 BAC Budget and Planning Update.pdf
07 BOT September 2019 BAC NCAT Real Estate Foundation Update REVISED.pdf
Resolution A-Acquisition and Financing of Student Housing Resolution.pdf
Resolution B-Irwin Bell Track Resurfacing.pdf
Resolution C-Housing Feasibility Study.pdf
Resolution D-Corbett Pool Renovation.pdf
Resolution E-Cooper Hall HVAC Upgrades.pdf
Resolution F-Utilization and Optimization Study.pdf
Resolution G-War Memorial Stadium Acquisition.pdf
Resolution H-Acquisition and Demolition of Properties.pdf
Resolution I-Right of Entry for Utility Companies.pdf
Resolution J-Lease of Yanceyville Center Parking Spaces.pdf
Resolution K-Aggie Dome REVISED.pdf