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86 - BOT April 2023 Meeting_Committee and Full Board Meeting Materials : 08 - University Affairs Committee
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00 BOT April 2023 UAC Agenda v2.pdf
01 BOT FEB 2023 Meeting Minutes.pdf
02 ImplementationOverviewBoT.pdf
03 Student Success Presentation_Giddings_April20_Valerie Giddings.pdf
04 Enrollment Management BOT_Joseph MontgomeryREVISED.pptx.pdf
05 2023.04.05.BOTMeetingTGCRevised ClayGloster.pdf
06 Commencement Analysis and Restructure Implementation Plan FINAL-VIDEO Included.pdf
07 Center of Excellence for Social Justice PPT_RTE - Ward-Johnson BOT Mtg. updated 4.11.2023.pdf
08 CED Update BOT 4-14_Paula Price.pdf